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What did you not get to today?  If there is not enough time in the day try to manage your time differently.  For the next few days keep a list of what you wanted to accomplish.  Did you miss paying bills or maybe you wanted to create a marketing piece for your business?

Create a block of time on your calendar for the following day dedicated for what was neglected.  Oh, you are not using a calendar?  Schedule your day as if a doctor schedules his patients.  Your calendar should be your guide as to how the day progresses.   Schedule 15 minutes for paying bills, 25 minutes for returning calls, etc. 

There are free tools online available such as  Outlook Express, Google or Yahoo Calendars.  Others calendars may come with your computer or could be purchased like ACT.  If technology is not your friend don’t wait to start. 

Buy a simple calendar at your local office supply store.  The important thing is to give this first step of time management a try.  You will be surprised what will be added to tomorrow when you follow your calendar.


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