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A chef can not create delicious meals without the finest spices.  When we organized family kitchens, one of the first things we want within reach are spices and our favorite supplier is The Spice House

Spices should be replaced every year.  If it is time for to update your supplies check out The Spice House.  You don’t have to live in Chicago to take advantage of these “hand-selected and hand-prepared spices and herbs”…order from the website or call them at 847-328-3711. 

Spices are best kept near the range, keeping ingredients convenient while cooking.  Should you only want to order these beautiful uniform spice jars that is possible.  However, their spice prices are very reasonable and time will be saved in labeling and refilling these containers when you include ordering the spices too.

If spices are kept on “stadium raisers” in your cabinet, when ordering ask The Spice House to place the labels on the top of the jars.  Otherwise you might not be able to see the spice needed.  And sometimes a free drawer is just the right spot for keeping spices handy.


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While your home may be comfortable and beautiful for your family, can a potential buyer see the house that may become their home?  Recently we were called in by John Barrentine to help a family get ready for placing their house on the market. 

The house was a lovely setting for any family.  Not overly cluttered, but lived-in.  By simply removing a  few extra pieces of furniture, the rooms looked much larger.  In closets, we reviewed items the family did not need until after the move and more space also quickly appeared.  Over-the-door storage units were removed.  While these items may provide extra storage space, a potential buyer will see these and think the closets are not large enough.

Removing all your family photos will allow visitors to have an opportunity to imagine their images on the walls and shelves…thinking “this could be my home”.  And don’t forget you are not there during the Open House.  Buyers will peep in drawers and cabinets to see if you have enough room.  We quickly reorganized all the bath vanities and other cabinets throughout the home. 

Within a week John shared “thank you for helping to get it together over here.  Here now for more showings and just today someone exclaimed ‘wow so organized.  I would love to live this way’.  Seven offers now and more coming.” 

Walk through your home as if you were a stranger and realize even a stack of magazines might be a distraction to others.  All the work you do will make the sale quicker, and all that has been packed away for storage, is just that much work already done for moving day.


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